Brookfield School

We encourage children to participate in transition visits once they are enrolled so that they can get to know their teacher and other children in the class before they start. Please make a time to visit our classrooms with the school receptionist.  

Here are some suggestions to help your child prepare for school…

Children who are able to dress and undress themselves (especially for swimming), use the toilet facilities appropriately and take care of their own belongings will feel independent and confident when they start school.

Children are not expected to be able to read and write when they start school but some basic pre-literacy skills will help make the learning process much easier for them.

It would be helpful if children can recognise and write his/her name.

Recognition of numbers 1-10 and letters of the alphabet is will help support their leaning in the classroom. It is also helpful if they have knowledge of basic colours and shapes.

Being able to listen to a story and talk about it afterwards will help your child develop their reading comprehension skills.  Reading to your child every day and reading lots of books to your child will help with this.

Please note: Label all clothing, shoes and other belongings clearly and teach your child the importance of putting their shoes and sweatshirt straight into bag when they take them off.