Brookfield School

 On January 1st 2023 

Brookfield School will become officially known as 

Te Kura o Manunui 

Our name

From 2019 our school whānau, community and hapū (subtribe) Ngāi Tamarawaho started to work together on the new school planning. Together hapū, parents, whānau, community and our tamariki were welcome to contribute ideas, wishes and aspirations. 

It was evident early in the planning process that they wanted to change the school name Brookfield.  Ideas were shared at many meetings and history of the area was shared by many kaumatua.  The school worked intensively with hapū kaumatua; Maora Reed, Des Tata, Tamatī Tata, and Peri Kohu. 

In 2020 our school whānau, community and hapū (subtribe) Ngāi Tamarawaho all were able to vote.  It revealed that the majority of our whānau wanted to change the name to Te Kura o Manunui.  


2022 February turning of the soil - 72 Millers Road ( new school site )

Left to right:  Tumuaki / Principal - Ngaere Durie

Ngāi Tamarawaho ( Mana Whenua )

Kaumatua  - Des Tata

Kaiako / Teacher - Peata Thompson

Tauira / student - Reef Thompson

1.  Te Pā o Manunui 
Translation:  The village of Manunui.  
The land that both the current and new school sites was once a Pā or village. This area extends far and wide around the Ōtūmoetai. This was known as Te Pā o Manunui.

2. The Multitudes of Manu (Birds)

The area is known for the multitudes of native birds that can be found here. We have depicted this meaning through the names of the houses in our kura.  Our current hall is also called Manunui. 

3. The local hapū story of 

Hinawa/ Hinewa

Hinawa (Hinewa) comes from Manunui Pā and Ngāi Tamarawaho. She is the wahine spoken of in the waiata ‘E Rere Te Karoro’ where she loved a man (Hoani/Wani) but their love was not to be. She set forth on a journey from Te Pā o Manunui towards the Waikareao (Estuary).                        

On her path, a karoro (the black-backed gull) hovered over keeping a safe eye on her. 

Other translations:  

- Manunui - Large Bird
- Te Kura - The School
- Manu - Bird
Te Karoro - The Black-back gull
Earthworks are underway for the new Brookfield school. Photo: Bob Tulloch/SunLive.

Lastly, the name Brookfield would be gifted to any organisation that moves into the site on 20 Millers Road.  We have not been told who will move in once we have left the site.  

Important Notices