Brookfield School

The BOT is the elected body that represents our community.  They are elected every three years and are there to govern the school, setting goals and policies and monitoring the performance of the school.  The core business of the BOT is to promote and support student learning through sound governance of the school.  The BOT has to ensure that the school has a planned future and policies that ensure the school runs smoothly.  The BOT consults with the community, reports to the community and reviews its own performance.  They meet each month and parents are welcome to attend. The next election will be in May 2022.

Board Members

Ngaere Durie (Principal)

Toni Heke-Ririnui (Chair person) 

Atawhai Heke 

Lisa Adams

Michael Woodnutt 

Ngaire Gow (Staff Trustee)

Important Notices