Brookfield School


Brookfield School (1699) Enrolment Scheme

 All students who live within the home zone described below (and shown on the attached map) shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Starting at 126 State Highway 2 (Tamatea Arikinui Drive), head along the road to Cambridge Road. Only the northern side of SH2 is included. Follow Cambridge Road to Townhead Crescent. Cambridge Road to number 163 is included in zone. All of Townhead Crescent and its side streets are also included in zone.

From the end of Townhead Crescent, head to Takitimu Drive and follow this road around to the intersection with Waihi Road. From this intersection, head to the coastline and follow it around to Kingswood Road. Kingswood Road and all of its side streets are included in zone.

At the intersection of Kingswood Road and Bellevue Road, head North and into Otumoetai Road. The odd numbers up to number 173 Otumoetai Road are included in zone. (NB. The even numbers of Otumoetai Road are not in the zone)

From the intersection of Bellevue Road and Otumoetai Road follow Bellevue Road to the intersection with Windsor Road. Even numbers to number 184 Bellevue Road are in zone. (NB. Odd numbers of Bellevue Road are not in zone. Windsor Road, Seymour Place and Brookfield Terrace are not in zone)

Head down Upland Street onto The Drive, into Warwick Place and onto Millers Road. All of these roads, Jefferson Place and Regent Street are in zone. Follow Millers Road into Carmichael Road to just beyond the Gordon Carmichael Reserve. From this point head back to the starting point at 126 SH2.

Both sides of the road are included unless otherwise stated. 



Important Notices