Brookfield School



It has three elements:

1.   The Poutama - stairs

A poutama stepped pattern of tukutuku panels and woven mats - symbolising genealogies and also the various levels of learning and intellectual achievement. Some say they represent the steps which Tāne-o-te-wānanga ascended to the topmost realm in his quest for superior knowledge and religion.

The Poutama here represents an ascending path of continual growth and development. 


2.  The Manu - bird 

- Local legend Hineawa / Hinewa.  Symbolising guidance and protection on the journey. The bird hovering over our tamariki and helping to guide them on their educational journey.

- Also Manunui Pā / village which acknowledges Manawhenua and tangata whenua (the land and the people).  

2.  The colours 

- The shades of blue reflect the many waterways within close proximity to the school, and the multicultural nature of the school.

2022 - New Logo 

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